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Bold. Fearless. Free. 


I am the dreamer who embraces the beautiful mess of life. Who understands that in this life you are broken in ways that others cannot comprehend. Yet I believe you can have a way with your fragments, taking the pieces and making them something are beautifully broken 

I am confident that honesty and real integrity characterizes our lives. It is genuinely living, loving and speaking truth. You can have the morals of being real, being humble, being strong and being able to share yourself and touch the lives of others without are fearless

I believe that the greatest adventure is what lies ahead. It is about what you feel inside when you step into the unknown and push the boundaries of your comfort level. Gaining memories that cannot be are bold

I believe you can love yourself enough to see your worth. Give yourself the gift of seeing yourself the way your friends and family do. Always remember you are important, special, unique, wonderful and irreplaceable. Be you. Do you. For are perfectly imperfect.

I believe that everything good and perfect comes from God. He is the root of making your broken pieces beautiful, the reason behind our good integrity and morals. He gave you your desire for adventure and the One who helps you to see your worth. In are free.

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Meet Erin

I'm a Midwest girl transplanted to the South who loves the outdoors, cooking, mocha and caramel frappes, dreaming of mountains and lakes, hot soup and no-bake cookies. I prefer a messy bun and t-shirts instead of makeup and heels.

I photograph teens and seniors who love adventure and who embrace the beautiful mess of life. I love to capture true beauty- the kind that is bold, fearless, free and perfectly imperfect.

If the thought of a sunny spring day with the wind blowing through your hair, spinning in a field without a care in the world or showing the laughter that is deep within your soul stirs something within you...Lets do this thing.


Session Details

You've waited a long time for this moment to finally arrive and I want to share in this amazing experience with you! This is so much more than just an average photo shoot. With the addition of senior films, you can expect senior pictures that are authentic, fun and absolutely beautiful. You are one-of-a-kind and your pictures will reflect that.

I have so much fun working closely with my amazing clients, connecting on a real level and capturing who they are. Every senior gets a packet full of information from how to pick the right colors that compliment your skin tone to locations that match your personality and wardrobe and everything in between. You can wear as many outfits as we can fit into your session time, although I would recommend no more than 4-5 so that we can get in as much shooting time as possible. We will move around to several locations, resulting in a beautiful mix of senior portraits and unforgettable experience! 

I know that you can choose anyone to be your senior photographer. My hope is that you will give me the opportunity to capture you. I can't wait to work with you and create something amazing!

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Senior Films


In Southeast Texas, we are the only senior photography studio to offer Senior Films. Senior Films bring your personality and the things you love to life through motion pictures. These films have all the details planned out and edited to showcase you and your talents. They’re authentic, they’re real and they’re an amazing way to story tell who you are.

After all…aren’t you only a SENIOR once? Have your senior year brought to life…




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Booking Fee:
$300 (applies as a credit to your collection purchase)
2-3 hour session | 4 outfit changes | multiple locations
*This retainer is non-refundable, you may reschedule, if necessary

I offer four, all inclusive portrait collections to choose from, designed to give you everything you want and need. Most clients choose to invest between $800-$1300 on their portrait collection and products. 

To book your custom senior portrait session, please complete the contact form below! Once I hear from you, I will send you all of my session details, location options, pricing and more!

I can't wait to work with you!

(all fees subject to an 8.25% sales tax)


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